Hooked up with Cincinnati Refined

Back in April, we had the pleasure of sharing some of our campers with Cincinnati Refined. We set them up at East Fork Lake and writer, Hannah Purnell and crew stayed the night exploring. Click here for a great article and amazing eye candy! Thanks to Cincinnati Refined for sharing our story.

Ohio Find It Here!

Thanks to Heather Rader (OhioGirlTravels.com) we were featured in a great article on Ohio.org. Heather and her husband stayed in Bette right at the beginning of this year’s camping season. You can tell from the pictures the foliage hadn’t quite kicked in yet and it was a little chilly. But they were real troopers and had a great time!

It’s so fun to help people have fun! #OhioFindItHere

10 Tips for Feeling Pampered in the Camper

Not everybody who camps wants to rough it. Heck, we sure don’t. That’s why we offer gorgeously renovated vintage travel trailers. Unique – check. Comfortable – check. Here are some suggestions to help you live in luxury on your camping trip with Route Fifty Campers.

1. Meal planning and advanced prep. Okay, you might have to do a little work upfront in order to feel pampered at the site. But it’s so worth it. Plan your meals and don’t just bring the ingredients, cut up the veggies, parboil the rice, pick out the spices – pack ingredients for your meals together and label them. Also, find recipes with just 4 or 5 ingredients – they’re great and super easy!

2. Same goes for drinks and treats, don’t forget the treats!

3. Sanitizer, soap, and baby wipes? Yes, baby wipes, sometimes that little extra something is just what you need for quick clean up.

4. A basket filled with toiletries. Keeping everything, from shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush and hairbrush, razors, moisturizer, toilet paper, and towels in one convenient carrier will make camping much simpler.

5. Pack up your electronic tablet with a couple great movies, downloaded and saved for late nights or rainy days in the camper.

6. Get your favorite music together to bring along with you. Crickets and frogs are fine background noise, but hard to dance to.

7. Chargers – don’t forget them, you will be crabby. No luxury in crabby.

8. Check the weather and bring appropriate clothing and shoes. Always be prepared for rain, cool nights, and swimming pools.

9. Sun protection. Sun screen, hat, sun glasses, an umbrella. Remember… comfort.

10. Bring activities and games. Cornhole, badminton, Chess, kayacking, hiking, biking, you might even pick your destination based on your activities – there are some great resources available, like “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Cincinnati” by Tammy York, for example.

It’s worth the extra planning up front to help you feel cared for and special once you’re on the road (parked, in the woods).


A Little Background on our Oldest Trailer

The FAN Coach Company was founded in May 1954 by Franklin A. Newcomer somewhere in Indiana, the exact location seems to be somewhat of a mystery, but probably northern Indiana. Newcomer used his initials to name the company and set up the first factory in a barn. The very first FAN, a 14 ft. model equipped with a 2-burner plate, ice box, 10-gallon water tank, and a pump by the sink, took three weeks to build.

Two years later the demand for FANs had grown so much the company expanded their facilities and moved to Wakarusa, Indiana. The FAN travel trailer became quite a success in the following years. It was not uncommon to know of someone who owned a FAN. As their business changed they moved a couple more times, grew, sold and resold. But mismanaged changes finally caught up with the FAN and their doors closed in 1980.

Our FAN built in 1958 almost certainly came from the factory in Wakarusa, which lies on the Northern border of the state of Indiana. No wonder the FAN was built with an on board furnace. We chose to update her by adding an air-conditioner, since she is now living in Cincinnati!