Route Fifty Campers can deliver, set up and tear down your camper accommodation. If you choose our delivery option, we’ll get the camper to your site and set it up. After set up, we’ll go over camper usage instructions with you.

The Cost for Delivery is Determined by Zone. See map below to view zones*. Please call (513) 580-4660 if you have any questions or need help finding your location on the Delivery Zone Map.

*Deliveries beyond Zone 3 are handled on a case by case basis, because of distance, we may not be able to accommodate. Please call (513) 580-4660 if you’re interested in having a camper delivered beyond our Zone 3 so we can accurately determine our availability and price.

ZONE 1 Delivery – $80 (Winnebago, Aristocrat, Fan, Scamp); $120 (Airstream)
ZONE 2 Delivery – $120 (Winnebago, Aristocrat, Fan, Scamp); $160 (Airstream)
ZONE 3 Delivery – $200 (Winnebago, Aristocrat, Fan, Scamp); $240 (Airstream)

You have the option to tow, if you have the proper equipment and it’s in working order. Before choosing the self-tow option, please read the important information below.

  • The FAN, Winnebago, Aristocrat and Airstream require a 2″ ball and working 7-way round receiver on your vehicle. You must also have a functioning brake controller. The Airstream comes with a weight distribution hitch.
  • The Scamp requires a 1 – 7/8″ ball and a working 4-way flat receiver on your vehicle.
  • All tow vehicle hitch ball heights should be approximately 16″ from the top of the ball to the ground. 
  • ***You must double check that your tow vehicle’s systems are in working order before pick up. Check that all electric hook ups (7-way / 4-way / and brake controller) are functioning. Seldom used plugs can become corroded and not work properly.
  • To tow the Scamp, Aristocrat, Winnebago or Airstream distances beyond 100 miles (per travel day) there is a cost of 40¢ per mile starting at mile 101. To get final price and book your camper, please call (513) 580-4660.
  • Roadside Assistance Protection at $14/day is required on all trailers traveling beyond 100 miles beyond our home base (45230).
  • On the day you pick up your trailer, we will meet to go over camper usage and hook up instructions (this takes about a half an hour). Our campers are located at Compass Storage, 4700 Wilmer Ct, Cincinnati, OH 45226.
  • Once an agreement has been established, no other person, other than the original renter(s) is allowed to tow the trailer. Doing so results in a loss of Security Deposit.
  • Renter must be 25-years-old or older and have a clean driving record: No more than one minor traffic violation or at-fault accident and no major violations (reckless driving, hit and run, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol), in the past three (3) years.
  • You are responsible for all damage to the travel trailer. If an accident occurs, you are responsible for obtaining a police report, contacting the other party’s insurance company, and contacting us within 12 hours at (513) 580-4660.

Returning the Trailer

  • We will work with you to determine a time for trailer return. Please update our office via text at (513) 580-4660 with exact return time on the morning of your return date. If you fail to return the trailer in a timely manner on the scheduled return date a charge of $50 will be taken from the Security Deposit.
  • If for any reason the trailer needs to be picked up there will be a minimum charge of $200.


  • Campers must be parked and set up on a stable flat surface. Campers cannot be parked on a roadway for camping purposes.

Our camper trailers are inspected annually and are fully insured. When you book a trailer with us, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on usage and safety. We’ll work closely with you so you have what you need to make your adventure uniquely yours.

You can reserve your trailer through our website or call us directly at (513) 580-4660.

  1. Determine which camper(s) works best for you – it might be good to have a first and second choice.
  2. Determine where you want to camp (Here’s a list of our favorites)
  3. Reserve your camper If you are renting the trailer for 5 or more nights we will apply a 10% discount to your bill.
  4. Reserve your campsite!

Pricing may vary based on season, length of stay and distance. If you’re interested in having a camper delivered and set-up, please see Delivery Zones tab for pricing and map. Call (513) 580-4660 if you have any questions or for final price.

1958 FAN Travel Trailer – $80/night – 2 night minimum
1964 Winnebago Travel Trailer – $95/night – 2 night minimum
1969 Aristocrat Lo-Liner Travel Trailer – $90/night – 2 night minimum
1985 Scamp Travel Trailer – $85/night – 2 night minimum
1958 Airstream Overlander – $175/night
– 3 night minimum

Each camper has a one-time Cleaning/Prep Fee of $75 (Airstream cleaning prep is $175). This will be applied automatically in the booking process.

NEW TO ROUTE FIFTY CAMPERS – Reserve a travel trailer for a stay at a Kentucky, Indiana, or Ohio State Park and receive $40 off delivery or $20 off a self-tow booking. The price adjustment will be applied when booking deposit is received. For self-tow bookings, please email your campsite confirmation to

  • A Booking Deposit is required in order to reserve your trailer. That deposit will be subtracted from the total cost of your rental. The remaining cost of your rental is due approximately 3 weeks before your dates.
  • In addition to the per night charge there is a one-time $75 Cleaning/Prep Fee applied to all trailer rentals, except the Airstream rental which is $175.
  • On the first day of your reservation we must perform a walk around on the trailer to check the trailer and orient you on trailer usage. You will also be asked to sign our Assumption of Risk rental agreement (Click to view/download).
  • No smoking in camper.

Trailer Care

  • We accept well-trained pets. As long as they don’t chew furniture and are potty-trained – they are welcome! There is an additional cleaning charge of $25, please select “Bringing A Pet” in during check out.
  • Trailer or RV should be returned in a similar condition as it was when picked up, clean and damage free or deposit will not be returned.
  • Extra cleaning will accrue extra charges, at $50/hour plus costs for cleaning supplies.
  • Any damage to any trailer caused by the renter or third party is to be reported to Route Fifty Campers, llc. immediately and repaired at renter’s expense.
  • Repairs must not be performed by renter unless authorized by Route Fifty Campers.
  • All trailers are non-smoking.
  • If renting a trailer with a potty please completely dump and clean before returning or a $200 cleaning fee will apply.

Security Deposit

Renters must also pay a Refundable Security Deposit of $250 (or $1,000 for the Airstream). This is refunded to you after you bring the trailer back on time, in the same condition it went out. Things that might reduce the amount refunded include:

  • Damage to the camper that occurred while in your care.
  • Cigarette smoke, pet odors or excessive fur that requires professional removal.
  • Excessive cleaning required by us upon return. We expect to wash the linens, but a filthy or damaged camper will result in extra fees. The camper should be returned in the same condition it went out.
  • Late return of trailer without extension of the rental period.
  • There are no refunds for early returns.


  • Full refund of Booking Deposit is available up to 30 days before departure minus a $30.00 service fee. Booking Deposit is not refunded if you cancel 29 days or less.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of pick-up date, for whatever reason including not having the correct electrical wiring on your vehicle or at the campsite, you will be charged for the full amount of the rental.
  • Route Fifty Campers’ Trailers are covered by liability and damage insurance this is included with your rental. We do ask that renters sign an Assumption of Risk rental agreement (click to view/download) saying we are not responsible for accidents within the trailers.
  • If you are towing a trailer, please contact your auto insurance company to make sure your vehicle is covered to tow.