Our 14′ 1958 FAN trailer is the oldest in our fleet, but its updated amenities will definitely help make your stay super comfortable. Accommodations include a double bed, dinette/single bed, an optional single bunk hammock, air-conditioning, refrigerator, stove, and a kitchen sink with city water hook-up.

This rental is perfect for a solo camper or a couple looking for a cozy home base while seeking regional adventures.

PLEASE NOTE: While you can tow this camper, we prefer it doesn’t stray beyond 70 miles from home (45230).

$80/night, $75 Cleaning/Prep
2 people, recommended;  4 people, maximum
1 double, 1 single (dinette)
Refrigerator, kitchen sink, stove, air-conditioning

30-Amp Electric – stove, refrigerator, lights, outlets, air-conditioning;
Towing Weight
1800 lbs
2″ ball, top of ball to ground should be approx. 16″
Vehicle hook-up – 7-way round with working brake control

This camper comes stocked with dish ware and utensils for 4, a 10″ boiling pot and 12″ frying pan, 4 coffee cups, tea kettle, kitchen cloths and towels, bedding with blankets for the double and single beds, 2 bath towels and wash cloths, toilet paper, 2 pillows, outdoor carpet, air-conditioning, electric space heater (seasonal), flash light, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.

Need a little extra space? We also offer tents 😉 and other add ons to make your trip more comfortable.

Route Fifty Camper Travel Trailers are covered by liability and damage insurance. However, if you are towing the trailer yourself check with your auto insurance company to make sure your vehicle has towing coverage. Also, we ask that renters sign a waiver saying we are not responsible for accidents within the trailers. If there is damage to a trailer caused by an act of nature you are not held responsible.

Rentals begin with a 30-minute walkthrough. Also, 24/7 phone support is provided during your stay.

We clean the camper, wash the sheets, and re-wash the dish ware.

Please return camper in a tidy condition, ie. empty the garbage, wash your dishes, clean out refrigerator, and keep used linens separate from clean linens.

Apr 2020 (1958 FAN)

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