Inspired Living

Recently, we were contacted by a gentleman in Cincinnati looking for assistance with some maintenance issues on his unique trailer. He described it as a one-of-a-kind trailer created by a very well-known, contemporary artist. He said he uses it as extra space on his property for when guests come to visit. We gave him some ideas and names of a couple of our reliable and talented resources to get him “on the road” as they say!

Since then we been doing some research to learn more about the artist and her creations. Andrea Zittel. Andrea’s works transform everything necessary for life into artful experiments in living. She is influenced by Modernist design and architecture from the early twentieth century and uses this as a basis for works that cover “all aspects of day-to-day living – home, furniture, clothing, food – all become the sites of investigation in an ongoing endeavor to better understand human nature and the social construction of needs.”

Her spaces are truly inspirational. And, even though they’re not vintage, we fell in love with the trailers that she experimented with in the 90s. From the amazing A-Z Yard Yacht (living here in Cincinnati) to the smaller, but no less beautiful A-Z Travel Trailers. These spaces encompass the very reason we do what we do… help people get out and interact with nature, from an inspired living accommodation created from genuine materials.

An Institute of Investigative Living

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