2018 Gearing up for an exciting year!

We here at Route Fifty Campers are busy gearing up for a great season of camping. Sure, we’ve already seen some campers this year, but we’re typically not in full swing until mid-May. So, until then and in-between current guests we’re painting, re-greasing bearings, checking tires and propane lines, cleaning out water tanks, freshening up linens, buying fun new decor, etc…. We really have to watch that last part, especially, decorating the campers is half the fun (“watch the budget”, says the woman on my right shoulder)!

Anyway, we’re also updating our company attire – new t-shirts! As you can guess, we’re pretty casual here at Route Fifty, (I mean, we’re a camper company after all) but we like to look brand appropriate and unified. We found a great company online that can print our designs at a fairly reasonable price, and you can buy them too, if you’re so inclined. Here’s a link to our store, https://teespring.com/stores/r50c-camp-store. We’ll be updating it and refreshing our offerings from time to time, right now we’re just getting familiar with how to operate the store front. It would be so great to have more useful and relevant, branded items available for our guests!