This is not a “dust off the sleeping bags and air out the tent,” or “gas up that 35-foot beast on wheels” outdoor experience. It’s your chance to Glamp it up in a most unique travel trailer. And it’s simple too, you choose the location, pick your accommodation and schedule to have it delivered for you to enjoy.

1 – Pick a Location

It is vital for you to pick your location or reserve your campsite* before you reserve your camper.

We have a list of our favorite campgrounds. If you need assistance picking a site, we can help you select your location before you start the camper reservation process.

2 – Reserve the Camper

Reserve your camper with our online Reservation Form or call 513-580-4660.

3 – Enjoy your Stay

Show up and be ready to relax, because your camper will be waiting for you.


*We charge a minimum fee of $80 for delivery which is determined by ZONE. Click here to view ZONES.