Relax, it’s your big day!

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Every one of our customers has a great story.

Usually, they come to us because they want to share a one-of-a-kind experience with the people they love. They pick their site, plan and pack for their meals and adventures, all in an effort to do something special – and spend time together. But every now and then one of these stories stands out.

Yesterday we got a call from a woman in North Carolina. She explained that she and her family (Mom, Dad, and brother) have a sister in Cincinnati who is turning 50. But because their family, like many others, is scattered throughout the country – they can’t be here to celebrate with her. They know how hard she works, taking care of her family, raising and home schooling her children – they figured what better gift than a break from Mom-time. Their request? Deliver the 1958 FAN to her home, park it in her driveway for a couple of days to serve as her own private get-away. A place to quietly read a book with a glass of wine, or just take a nap in peace!

So, while most of the time our trailers are used to bring people together, they can also used for some time apart… you know, to refuel. We agree (and know first hand) that at 50-years-old, every once in a while a break from Mom-time for a little me-time is definitely in order!

Great to see you – come again soon!

It’s not uncommon for family and friends to move apart. School, careers, relationships, new starts… it happens, a lot. But, now-a-days it’s not such a big deal – you can Facetime, Facebook, call or email – on a daily basis. That’s nice. But what about when you DO get a chance to visit? You want to stay close and be comfortable, but you don’t want to hassle or be hassled!

And, that’s why at-home trailer rentals are a game changer. More people are discovering that plugging a temporary, extra bedroom into their home is a great way to stay close to visiting friends and family. We’ve helped many of these people by delivering amazing, extra living space right to their doors.


Recently, we helped a small family (and their dog) welcome 4 people for a week-long visit. They couldn’t stop raving about how great it was to have everyone together. They didn’t have to stop the festivities early for the drive back to the hotel. Or, call a cab because they wanted to enjoy a couple cocktails. The RV we provided made it so easy for them to have a relaxing visit, sans worry. They had all the basic elements they needed to stay comfortable, cozy and close.

Graduations, weddings, newborns, reunions…. We’ve helped people stay close to the ones most important them. At home. In person. Close-by.

That’s our mission – to help people feel pampered in a cozy environment, so they can have some of the best experiences of their lives. Mission accomplished.

First-timers Guide to Great Camping

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Beginner Camping101

1. Be prepared – Create a checklist of items you may need for your camping adventure. There are tons of lists online, try a “Camping Checklist” search to get started.

2. If you are not ready to invest in an RV or even a tent for your first adventure, consider borrowing or renting. Okay, you can probably borrow a tent, an RV on the other hand… FYI: we personally know of a great RV/camper rental company!

3. When you’re choosing a campground (you can find a list of our favorites here), research their amenities. Consider privacy concerns (do you want to be in or out of the action!), shower houses and bathrooms, and, if you are staying longer than a couple of days you’ll want to make sure there is a laundromat and a general store close by.

4. What activities are available at the campground. Some campgrounds have swimming, boating, horseback riding, biking and hiking trails, outdoor movies, cornhole tourneys, and so much more. What will be important to you?

5. Can you make it with no internet? If not, check if the campground offers access to WIFI.

6. Campsite cooking can be one of the most enjoyable activities on your adventure and nothing tastes better than food from the grill. Prepare some of your meals ahead of time. Again, check online for sites with simple and delicious camping meal ideas.

7. Most campgrounds have an area where rules and events are posted. Make sure to review them when you arrive. And, please be aware and courteous of the people camping next to you, cutting through campsites and loud evenings are not welcome by all.

Make this the year that you venture out into fresh air and become an official camper. What can be better than sitting on a beach with the sand beneath your feet, or spending an evening under the stars around the camp fire?

20th Century Campers

We’re really looking forward to getting out in front of some savvy mid-century modern moguls at this year’s 20th Century Cincinnati Show at the Sharonville Convention Center. We know folks displaying and attending are into mid-century, not sure about camping, but we should turn some heads none-the-less. We’re working closely with the organizers to get a camper on the convention floor. Do-able… yes. Enough space… don’t know yet! Yay – we have the space! Take a tour of the FAN while you’re at the show!

I’m sure some mid-century lovers don’t camp. Perhaps now they’ll entertain the idea because of our cool mid-century space (we refer to our product as mid-century modest). Or, we might come across some try-before-you-buy folks. We’ve met them before, awesome idea – you’re interested in rehabbing a vintage trailer, but you don’t know the first thing about it. A vintage camper rental is a great place to start. Plus, we’re happy to answer any questions.

Being at this great event all day for two days is going to be dangerous for us at Route Fifty Campers. We’re going to come across all kinds of wonderful items that will be perfect inside one of our trailers or office or home… or car for that matter.

However this plays out we’re ready to get out and meet some interesting folks. See you February 20 and 21 at the Sharonville Convention Center, I-75, exit 15.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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We love Christmas at Route Fifty Campers. It seems to bring out the creativity in people and, consequently, how they use our campers.

In the beginning of November, a couple portrait photographers took advantage of our vintage style and used the FAN as a backdrop for family Christmas portraits. We hauled the trailer deep into the woods in Lawrenceburg, Indiana where Tabitha, from Burning Chair and Sonja, from Sonja B. Photography studios dressed it up with vintage props. It looked beautiful and apparently the “Christmas Mini Sessions” were a huge success!

And, for the second year in a row, the FAN will be utilized as an onsite Christmas Tree lot office for Caruso Christmas Trees in Green Township. Last year, Tim from CCTs had the idea to use the trailer to stay comfortable while making sales and to draw attention to his business. We’re happy to say it was a successful pairing and they’re doing it again this year! Their trees are beautiful and so fresh, we recommend buying yours from Caruso. And when you’re there, check out the great office!

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A Rush on Labor Day!

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Very interesting I tell ya… Most of our renters are planners. They call in advance to discuss various details on camper functionality, pricing, inventory items, and meet up times. They book, on average, 3 weeks out.

This weekend that has not been the case. We got our first call for a trailer rental 2 days before delivery. We got a second call for a trailer the day before pick up. And, since we only have 2 trailers… we couldn’t help the third person who called wanting to take a trailer that same day!

Really interesting, since I’m assuming we all know about this long weekend way in advance. Three people waited until the last minute.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining, or passing judgement. Because I don’t mean to. I am very much like these folks. It’s just interesting. We’ll have to see if this is some kind of pattern and try to plan for it in the future.

A simple request. A great idea!

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We’ve been working with a customer who had the great idea to rent the 1958 FAN travel trailer for her Mom and Dad, both of whom love vintage campers. Her and her siblings investigated campgrounds and consulted with us on a couple occasions on locations and dates. Then… silence. We thought they simply decided against the idea. And that’s okay.

But, as it turns out, they just couldn’t nail down a date with their parents.

We got a call again, after a month or so, and this time she had an idea. “Do you have Gift Certificates?,” she asked. We didn’t. We didn’t even think of them. What a GREAT IDEA!

So, now we do. We have Gift Certificates. Pick the camper, number of days, and distance for delivery and you have a great gift for parents, siblings, spouses, friends, employees, you name it! They have a year to decide when to take off on an awesome adventure in our amazing #r50ctrailerrentals.

Camping is not for everyone

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Yes, we love it. Gathering necessities (make-up is not a necessity) and spending time cloaked by stars and trees can be heaven. Campfire. S’mores. Fresh air. Nature walks in the woods. You know what I’m saying. But, not everybody’s cut out for it. After all, someone has to start that campfire (not as easy as it sounds.) Plan and gather the ingredients for s’mores (ugh, forgot the crackers!) And know how to venture into uncharted-to-you land (the bathroom looked closer on the map.) The key is to be flexible. You are going to be roughing it, to some extent. You’ll be out of your element. Know that, and embrace it. THAT’S what makes it awesome! It’s an unmatched way to strengthen bonds with family, friends, and even yourself. But, if you can’t do it, it’s okay. Accept it.

Here are a few ideas on how to have fun without camping:
1. Pick a hotel downtown and go there. You’ll have a bathroom with a hot shower. A restaurant that’ll cook for you, AND clean for you, heck, there’s probably multiple restaurants.
2. Get some friends together, rent a limo from Limo Cincinnati, and have them drive you from hotel, restaurant, night club, and more, all night! Don’t be under the stars – BE the star.

Me? I’ll be walking in the woods.

10 Tips for Feeling Pampered in the Camper

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Not everybody who camps wants to rough it. Heck, we sure don’t. That’s why we offer gorgeously renovated vintage travel trailers. Unique – check. Comfortable – check. Here are some suggestions to help you live in luxury on your camping trip with Route Fifty Campers.

1. Meal planning and advanced prep. Okay, you might have to do a little work upfront in order to feel pampered at the site. But it’s so worth it. Plan your meals and don’t just bring the ingredients, cut up the veggies, parboil the rice, pick out the spices – pack ingredients for your meals together and label them. Also, find recipes with just 4 or 5 ingredients – they’re great and super easy!

2. Same goes for drinks and treats, don’t forget the treats!

3. Sanitizer, soap, and baby wipes? Yes, baby wipes, sometimes that little extra something is just what you need for quick clean up.

4. A basket filled with toiletries. Keeping everything, from shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush and hairbrush, razors, moisturizer, toilet paper, and towels in one convenient carrier will make camping much simpler.

5. Pack up your electronic tablet with a couple great movies, downloaded and saved for late nights or rainy days in the camper.

6. Get your favorite music together to bring along with you. Crickets and frogs are fine background noise, but hard to dance to.

7. Chargers – don’t forget them, you will be crabby. No luxury in crabby.

8. Check the weather and bring appropriate clothing and shoes. Always be prepared for rain, cool nights, and swimming pools.

9. Sun protection. Sun screen, hat, sun glasses, an umbrella. Remember… comfort.

10. Bring activities and games. Cornhole, badminton, Chess, kayacking, hiking, biking, you might even pick your destination based on your activities – there are some great resources available, like “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Cincinnati” by Tammy York, for example.

It’s worth the extra planning up front to help you feel cared for and special once you’re on the road (parked, in the woods).


You’re Getting Warmer… Solar-Power on board!

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Our GoSun Stove, an amazing portable solar-powered cooker is on its way. This effective sizzler is light-weight and uses only the sun to power it. Oh, and it can be cloudy, it doesn’t mind! I learned about this great invention by my neighbor, Kim, who told me at a party recently that her brother Patrick, invented this stove right here in Cincinnati. I thought it sounded like a perfect fit for our campers! His ultimate goal is to help impoverished families utilize safer cooking options around the globe. It’s an amazing product all around. You can learn more about it here. But don’t listen to me, try it for yourself when you rent our trailer 😉