Camper Description

This 13′ fiberglass trailer is cozy, but, amazingly efficient. The space doesn’t feel cramped. Every inch has a purpose, even if that purpose is allowing you enough space to lounge.

The Scamp comes equipped with 30 amp electric that powers the air-conditioning, interior lights, outlets, and refrigerator. There is a propane tank for the stove, a 10-gallon fresh water tank for the kitchen sink, a dinette/double bed, couch/bunk beds, and plenty of storage.

Also includes:
Dish ware/utensils for four
Pots and pans
Bed sheets for double and one bunk
2 Blankets
2 Pillows
2 Towels and wash cloths
Outdoor carpet
Electric space heater
Flash light
Fire extinguisher

We will go over camper instructions and care at time of pick up or our pre-arranged meet time at your campsite.

Interested, but don’t feel like reading more? Call 513-580-4660!

Please note: If you would like to tow this camper, you must have a 1-7/8 inch ball – from the top of the hitch ball to the ground should be approx. 16 – 17″ – and an RV straight-line 4-way hook-up on your vehicle. Your vehicle should also have a towing capacity of at least 1,200 lbs.