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Every one of our customers has a great story.

Usually, they come to us because they want to share a one-of-a-kind experience with the people they love. They pick their site, plan and pack for their meals and adventures, all in an effort to do something special – and spend time together. But every now and then one of these stories stands out.

Yesterday we got a call from a woman in North Carolina. She explained that she and her family (Mom, Dad, and brother) have a sister in Cincinnati who is turning 50. But because their family, like many others, is scattered throughout the country – they can’t be here to celebrate with her. They know how hard she works, taking care of her family, raising and home schooling her children – they figured what better gift than a break from Mom-time. Their request? Deliver the 1958 FAN to her home, park it in her driveway for a couple of days to serve as her own private get-away. A place to quietly read a book with a glass of wine, or just take a nap in peace!

So, while most of the time our trailers are used to bring people together, they can also used for some time apart… you know, to refuel. We agree (and know first hand) that at 50-years-old, every once in a while a break from Mom-time for a little me-time is definitely in order!