It’s not uncommon for family and friends to move apart. School, careers, relationships, new starts… it happens, a lot. But, now-a-days it’s not such a big deal – you can Facetime, Facebook, call or email – on a daily basis. That’s nice. But what about when you DO get a chance to visit? You want to stay close and be comfortable, but you don’t want to hassle or be hassled!

And, that’s why at-home trailer rentals are a game changer. More people are discovering that plugging a temporary, extra bedroom into their home is a great way to stay close to visiting friends and family. We’ve helped many of these people by delivering amazing, extra living space right to their doors.


Recently, we helped a small family (and their dog) welcome 4 people for a week-long visit. They couldn’t stop raving about how great it was to have everyone together. They didn’t have to stop the festivities early for the drive back to the hotel. Or, call a cab because they wanted to enjoy a couple cocktails. The RV we provided made it so easy for them to have a relaxing visit, sans worry. They had all the basic elements they needed to stay comfortable, cozy and close.

Graduations, weddings, newborns, reunions…. We’ve helped people stay close to the ones most important them. At home. In person. Close-by.

That’s our mission – to help people feel pampered in a cozy environment, so they can have some of the best experiences of their lives. Mission accomplished.