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Beginner Camping101

1. Be prepared – Create a checklist of items you may need for your camping adventure. There are tons of lists online, try a “Camping Checklist” search to get started.

2. If you are not ready to invest in an RV or even a tent for your first adventure, consider borrowing or renting. Okay, you can probably borrow a tent, an RV on the other hand… FYI: we personally know of a great RV/camper rental company!

3. When you’re choosing a campground (you can find a list of our favorites here), research their amenities. Consider privacy concerns (do you want to be in or out of the action!), shower houses and bathrooms, and, if you are staying longer than a couple of days you’ll want to make sure there is a laundromat and a general store close by.

4. What activities are available at the campground. Some campgrounds have swimming, boating, horseback riding, biking and hiking trails, outdoor movies, cornhole tourneys, and so much more. What will be important to you?

5. Can you make it with no internet? If not, check if the campground offers access to WIFI.

6. Campsite cooking can be one of the most enjoyable activities on your adventure and nothing tastes better than food from the grill. Prepare some of your meals ahead of time. Again, check online for sites with simple and delicious camping meal ideas.

7. Most campgrounds have an area where rules and events are posted. Make sure to review them when you arrive. And, please be aware and courteous of the people camping next to you, cutting through campsites and loud evenings are not welcome by all.

Make this the year that you venture out into fresh air and become an official camper. What can be better than sitting on a beach with the sand beneath your feet, or spending an evening under the stars around the camp fire?