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Very interesting I tell ya… Most of our renters are planners. They call in advance to discuss various details on camper functionality, pricing, inventory items, and meet up times. They book, on average, 3 weeks out.

This weekend that has not been the case. We got our first call for a trailer rental 2 days before delivery. We got a second call for a trailer the day before pick up. And, since we only have 2 trailers… we couldn’t help the third person who called wanting to take a trailer that same day!

Really interesting, since I’m assuming we all know about this long weekend way in advance. Three people waited until the last minute.

I hope I don’t sound like I’m complaining, or passing judgement. Because I don’t mean to. I am very much like these folks. It’s just interesting. We’ll have to see if this is some kind of pattern and try to plan for it in the future.