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Yes, we love it. Gathering necessities (make-up is not a necessity) and spending time cloaked by stars and trees can be heaven. Campfire. S’mores. Fresh air. Nature walks in the woods. You know what I’m saying. But, not everybody’s cut out for it. After all, someone has to start that campfire (not as easy as it sounds.) Plan and gather the ingredients for s’mores (ugh, forgot the crackers!) And know how to venture into uncharted-to-you land (the bathroom looked closer on the map.) The key is to be flexible. You are going to be roughing it, to some extent. You’ll be out of your element. Know that, and embrace it. THAT’S what makes it awesome! It’s an unmatched way to strengthen bonds with family, friends, and even yourself. But, if you can’t do it, it’s okay. Accept it.

Here are a few ideas on how to have fun without camping:
1. Pick a hotel downtown and go there. You’ll have a bathroom with a hot shower. A restaurant that’ll cook for you, AND clean for you, heck, there’s probably multiple restaurants.
2. Get some friends together, rent a limo from Limo Cincinnati, and have them drive you from hotel, restaurant, night club, and more, all night! Don’t be under the stars – BE the star.

Me? I’ll be walking in the woods.